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Critical Communications Solutions Antrim

Critical Communications Solutions Antrim

BP Multipage Limited

BP Multipage Ltd specialise in solutions that provide real-time, secure communications for critical needs. In healthcare, pharma, and high-tech industries, major brands rely on us to define, design and implement the optimum solutions to meet their needs. Our strong engineering capability and 35-year pedigree mean we'll know what you need and how to get it to you. At BP Multipage Ltd. we offer a full range of analogue, digital, and ATEX intrinsically safe equipment. You can choose from basic voice communication to more sophisticated emergency features such as panic buttons and “Man Down” alarms. We can also interface radio systems with critical alarms such as Fire, BMS, or ProcessControl. Installation is fast and simple – for new systems, we use our ComReg allocation of 9 third party business radio channels.