Important ways NIFed can help your business

Important ways NIFed can help your business



Important ways NIFed can help your business

At Nifed we have an easy user interface to search for any category you will require. Using our quick search facility, you can browse what you desire.


In our instance we have searched for removals in Belfast it has returned results that we can individually click into.  This provides contact details, products, services and brands the company may use. Alternatively, if you know the name of the business you require you can also search by name to get results.

Tendering Section


We have a tendering service that provides three functions:


Ebuyer Service: Submit out a tender


The E-Buyer service is a tool that enables any member or visitor on the Nifed platform to send out a “Tender Request” for goods or services they wish to procure.  Whether you are considering a new distribution company, leasing a new van or constructing your new factory, our E-Buyer service provides a fast, hassle free way to obtain quotes or further information from multiple suppliers at the click of a button.


Network plus:  Share my services.


The Network+ service is a service which is the complete opposite to our Tendering facility whereby instead of sending a Tender Request out to a targeted group potential suppliers you wish to obtain a quote from, you are sending out an offer or introduction from your Company to a targeted group of potential customers in the hope that new business relationships can be established and trade increased.





Public Sector Tenders: View tender


The Public Tenders service is a compilation of the current Public Sector Tenders available from the various public bodies throughout both Northern Ireland & Ireland.  No longer do you need to visit different platforms to view the various tenders as Nifed has done the hard work for you.  


Business classifieds: Seo Classifieds

Whether you are already paying 3rd party SEO companies to increase your search engine presence or the term SEO is a foreign language to you, but you understand the concept and importance of being found out there – We have you covered.

Use us to either bolster up your existing SEO campaigns or take the first steps into SEO with us helping you to get you listed out there for any of your products and services offered in your local area.


If you feel that we can do more for you and your business please send us a message via contact us.














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